I committed to writing a blog post every other day because I want to practice writing. One thing I constantly try to ask is whether I’m adding noise or not. As in, am I actually producing content that provides value to anyone? Or is it just noise?

Today, we are all bombarded with a ton of content. So many things are trying to grab our attention. And sometimes, as I wrote before, we could be wasting our time, etc. on content that’s just not worth it.

I don’t really have an end goal in mind (at least not yet) for this blog, but my hope is that I’m not and won’t be adding noise. I don’t want to churn out a ton of content that’s not useful to anyone.

If someone somehow comes across my blog (I’m not really doing any marketing for it at the moment), I want them to feel grateful they did. That’s really something most bloggers want, right?

And yet I don’t know exactly how I can do this when I post the most random things. I have no content strategy or whatever and instead just post whatever comes to mind. This is a personal blog, after all.

Hopefully I’ll find a sweet spot where I’m both sharing whatever I want to but at the same time helping someone else.