I’m going bonkers over this lockdown, and I’m probably not the only one. We’re living in precarious times, for sure. But we’re also lucky to live in the digital age. So if you’ll indulge me, let me share my personal recommendations on the best things to do on the Internet right now as this global pandemic forces us to stay indoors.

Take note that this list’s scope is online consumption only. That means I didn’t include offline things to do–I strongly recommend having a balance of both online and offline things to do (big duh), but including offline here would make the list too long. And I didn’t include things you can create/make/produce/etc online, again for brevity’s sake, BUT a lot of people will tell you creating is better than consuming so I hope you consider doing that as well.

Another thing this list is limited to is FREE stuff. Unless you’re in the 1%, I’m sure you are worried about your finances like I am, economic recession upcoming and all, and so I want to feature only resources we don’t have to pay for.

Here goes.

  1. Learn more about the coronavirus. It goes without saying that staying informed during this time is crucial. Coursera offers a free course from the Imperial College of London, but maybe you’re like me who prefers to read, in which case, I recommend Vox’s coverage. News outlets provide a steady stream of updates and information, however, surrounding yourself with coronavirus news 24/7 will not help your sanity, so remember to unplug once in a while.
  2. Take a wellness class. Girls’ Night In has compiled a list of At-Home Fitness Resources. Now more than ever your health is important, so make sure to meditate and get moving at least once a day.
  3. Take an online course. I don’t have a specific recommendation given that it depends on your interests and goals. I personally use Skillshare (2-month free trial available), but there are thousands of absolutely free online courses out there if you just do a Google search. Think about it–you can come out of this lockdown more knowledgable and skilled than you were before the lockdown.
  4. Listen to a TEDTalk. If you don’t know where to start, try the most popular TEDTalks of all time. I got some really great takes from the ones I’ve listened to. Again, you can come out of this lockdown having learned something new.
  5. Host a Netflix Party. This Chrome extension allows you to watch Netflix in sync with your friends. I haven’t gotten around to watching Crash Landing On You as well as The Witcher–anyone wanna join?
  6. Watch Love is Quarantine, a Love is Blind knockoff. I haven’t watched the Netflix series but the premise of finding love during this pandemic–no physical contact and all—sounds interesting.
  7. Listen, watch, and read whatever you’ve been putting off. Alternatively, the New York Times has compiled a list of recommendations if you’re looking for some. Moreover, NPR has also compiled a list of audio and video streams available during this time. 
  8. Join an online event. Eventbrite lists online events, while Stay at Home Fest is an online music festival and events calendar. Both will help you virtually enjoy events “with” other people.
  9. “Visit” a museum. Google has made 2,500 museums accessible online.
  10. SHAMELESS PLUG: Read Digitally Well. Your digital consumption during this time will go up, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing, but you can still practice good digital hygiene. Let us help.

Note: This is an evolving blog and will be updated regularly.