For weeks now I kept getting Spam (that Gmail missed and went to my inbox) because I was too lazy to add reCAPTCHA keys to World Bites’ contact form. Just absolute laziness, when you think about how it took me only about 5 minutes yesterday to add one. It took mounting frustration day after day to get me to do it, but when you think about it, it’s so beneficial for something that is so easy to do.

I mean, think about all the time I wasted. I read almost every single email that arrives in my inbox–I always aim for inbox zero. (I don’t get a lot of emails as I’ve unsubscribed to a ton of email notifications already e.g. Facebook.) In order for me to get to inbox zero, I would need to scan the subject line and actually click to delete these junk emails. Sometimes, I even read them because I was fooled into thinking they weren’t. And this happens almost every day.

I could’ve prevented all that if only I took the time, a measly five minutes or so, and made effort, basically just clicking and copy-pasting a few times. It’s a no-brainer that things with high value but take low effort should be prioritized.

Now excuse me while I add a bunch of reCAPTCHA keys to different contact forms.