I often wonder where my day went. So I recently started using an activity tracker, and I noticed something: I spend a lot of time resting.

I could easily frame it as doing nothing, but I value rest and instead think that even when I’m doing nothing, it’s actually productive because I am resting.

Rest is important–it isn’t rocket science. Too much rest is bad, for sure. And I’m lucky enough that my schedule is fairly flexible–I can work whenever I want to, as long as I finish my tasks for the day, and that I have a lot of free time–I don’t have to commute (I work from home), do household stuff (in the Philippines it’s very normal to have a helper), and take care of anyone (I have no dependents).

Some people would say I’m just procrastinating. But for me, what’s more important is that I eventually finish my to-do list for the day, versus not being able to finish it at all.

I believe that if I didn’t spend this much time resting, I wouldn’t be able to get anything done. Especially when you think about how the traditional 8-hour workday doesn’t make much sense anyway.

That doesn’t mean I’m as productive as I want to be. I waste a lot of time surfing the internet, for example. I’m also easily distracted.

I probably could get more done if I wasn’t resting this much, but knowing myself, I’d crash and burn eventually. So I think my current setup is a healthy compromise.