I’m turning 32 today. To practice having a heart of gratitude, I thought I’d make a list of 32 things I’m grateful for.

Here they are:

  1. Grace and mercy from God

  2. The love of and support from my family and friends

  3. A father who has been very generous with me

  4. A mother who never fails to show she cares for me

  5. A sister who patiently listens to me rant all the time

  6. A brother who never hesitates to do acts of service

  7. Another brother who never hesitates to do acts of service

  8. Close friends who accept me for who I am

  9. A business partner who is also a good friend

  10. A Bible counselor who helps me in my walk with God

  11. A Discipleship group which provides Godly fellowship

  12. The mental health professionals who have helped me with my mental health

  13. A part-time job with bosses and co-workers who are nice

  14. Having freelance clients who trust me

  15. Having freelance work that interests me

  16. Being able to help people at Three Things Daily

  17. Being able to empower people at ToughLadies

  18. Being able to delight people at World Bites

  19. Having skills like being able to code, do marketing, and write

  20. The opportunity to have gone to good schools (AdDU, Pisay SMC, and UPD) and the people there who have helped me grow as a person, not just intellectually

  21. The opportunity to be employed over the years and getting the chance to hone my skills

  22. Our family business which is able to give livelihood to other people

  23. Lessons learned over the years that make me a better person

  24. The opportunity to have travelled (one of my hobbies) in more than 10 countries

  25. The opportunity to have experienced living abroad in Japan

  26. Things not meant for me didn’t work out and redirected me to something better (e.g. law school, being an English teacher, etc.)

  27. Spinning and how it’s the only exercise that I’ve ever enjoyed

  28. Lord of the Rings and how it got me into reading and into sci-fi/fantasy

  29. Books and articles in general and how I’ve learned from them

  30. Craft beer, especially IPAs

  31. Technology, especially no-code tools like Adalo

  32. Having had my first dose of coronavirus vaccine (and will be getting my second dose soon)

It took me some time, but I found it easy to look for things I’ve been grateful for over the years. I’ve been blessed with so much. I can go beyond 32, but I want to focus on these things for now.