A couple of days ago the Google Play Store approved my first-ever mobile app, My Prayer Requests. I made it for my mom and it was inspired by my Bible counselor. Basically, it’s a prayer journal and community app.

I made My Prayer Requests using Adalo, a no-code tool for building apps. It wasn’t that difficult, especially since I’m a computer science graduate. It was fun! Addicting, even. Now, making apps is officially my new hobby. I’m currently making another one, this time for my aunt, for easier Bible study groups (Bible Study Partner). I can’t wait to get even more app ideas and try making them.

There’s some labor and cost involved with this hobby, but I love it so I think it’s worth it. I don’t expect to make money from the apps I’m making, and I’m already glad just having a positive contribution to society, but hey, who knows. In an ideal world, maybe.

Or maybe an ideal world is where I don’t need a career, have lots of money, and just make websites and apps for fun. In any case, I’m enjoying myself. I love doing it and I’m grateful I discovered that I do.