When I thought of naming my freelance web design business, one of the first things that came to my mind was to name it from an Elvish word because as most people know, I love The Lord of the Rings.

And when it came to Elvish words, there was just really one to choose from.

I first encountered the word Estel like most people who’ve read The Lord of the Rings from finding out it’s Aragorn’s Elvish name.

Now, Aragorn isn’t my favorite character, it’s actually Samwise Gamgee because I remember from reading one of the JRR Tolkien’s biographies I owned that the real hero of The Lord of the Rings is Sam. Something about his loyalty. I can’t quote Tolkien now because I lost my dearly beloved collection of The Lord of the Rings-related books for a reason I am still quite bitter about until now. Anyway, Sam isn’t my favorite character because he’s the real hero but because he’s the real hero for a reason. Get it?

But I digress.

Estel basically means hope but there’s a whole philosophical concept behind it. It’s a really cool word for me. I like the whole meaning behind it.

Hope. Trust. Faith!

How should I tie that back to web design? I’m not so sure. Do I have to? Not really, right?

I guess I should just use the word Estel as a reminder for when things aren’t so well with work that yes, there is always hope!