I recently got my Google Analytics Individual Qualification. Yey, right? Two years ago, I got my Google Ads Search certification (now expired). Three years ago, I got my Hubspot Inbound Marketing and Hubspot Inbound certifications (both also now expired). I’ve always wanted to get the Google Analytics certification because this, along with the Google Ads Search and Hubspot Inbound ones, are considered some of the most reputable certifications for digital marketers to get. And mind you, they weren’t easy to get (at least for me).

But it doesn’t end there.

Just like in the design world, nothing beats portfolio and experience when you’re a digital marketer. What does it matter if you can cook, but the food you make doesn’t taste good, right? Results are quite probably the most important thing a digital marketer can provide. If you can show that you have increased conversions for a business by a significant amount through Google Ads, it doesn’t matter so much whether you have a certification or not, although it helps.

Personally, I think certifications are a good training ground. They also serve their purpose: assure prospect employers or clients that you know your way around the (digital marketing) “kitchen”. They’re without a doubt worth getting, if not just to put you ahead of the competition.

However, it’s more important to go out there and “cook” for as many people and as many times as possible. Sometimes, especially at first, the “food” you make will suck. But that’s all in the process of making you a celebrated “chef”.