I recently raved about Jekyll. But for my web design clients, I prefer using Webflow.

Webflow, like Jekyll, is faster and more secure than Wordpress. Unlike Jekyll, hosting it using your own domain costs money, usually costing more than Wordpress.

I believe it’s worth every cent.

Webflow is a powerful site builder used by awesome companies like NASA, Adobe, and IDEO (yes, that design firm). Sometimes it seems like every web designer is raving about it. Smashing Magazine even called it “The Web Development Platform of the Future”. I didn’t use to believe that Webflow is the best web design program right now, but after trying it out, I’ve drank the koolaid.

Lots of it.

Jekyll may be free, but it requires much more time and effort to develop a custom website. It’s also not as easy to use for non-coders. Compare it to Webflow, a no-code builder, where even people who don’t know how to code can create and edit websites. My clients actually end up saving more money because they don’t need me to make the changes they want–they can do it themselves.

I’m a big believer of Webflow. That’s why I’ve decided to specialize in Webflow.