Now that I’ve tried Jekyll, I’m never looking back.

I’ve been using Wordpress for years, more than a decade actually, and it really is a great platform. I just have a few issues with it.

  1. The main issue is it’s not free. Yes, the CMS itself is free, but hosting it isn’t, unless you go with crappy free hosting or prefer not use a custom domain. In fairness, Jekyll doesn’t have free hosting either, but that’s where GitHub Pages (hosting) and Netlify (continuous deployment) come in. They even come with free SSL thanks to Let’s Encrypt! As a developer, I am really grateful for great FOSS tools, especially since I come from a developing country (Oh hey, I just used the word “develop” twice in the same sentence.)

  2. The next main issue is it’s slow. Like super duper slow. I’ve designed and developed several Wordpress websites, trying out different themes, and they were all slow until I optimized them. Not so with Jekyll. Imagine my shock–and delight–when I got a Google PageSpeed Insights score of above 90 without doing anything. And that was for mobile!

    Google PageSpeed Insights score.png

  3. The third is that it’s insecure. I’ve had one Wordpress blog hacked (that I know of, at least), and I’m telling you, it was not a pleasant experience. I don’t want to invite trouble, but with Jekyll the likelihood of being hacked is greatly reduced.

Jekyll is far superior to Wordpress, IMHO. There are several other reasons why you should choose Jekyll over Wordpress, but I’ll leave that to more knowledegable people.

My experience with Jekyll so far is that it’s easy and fun to use. I’m in no way an expert programmer by any means (Even if I have a computer science degree, I have never worked professionally as a programmer except for an internship) but there are so many tutorials and other resources out there that have helped me.

From now on, I’m going to use Jekyll for all my personal and side projects (e.g. Digitally Well) whenever possible.

P.S. I tried using Siteleaf for this post and it’s another awesome free tool!