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  • Homepage vs. Landing Page: What's the Difference?

    One of my biggest pet peeves as a web designer is when someone asks me to make a landing page when in fact what they want is a homepage, or vice versa. I don’t take it against them, but I usually feel too polite to explain it to them so I just let them keep calling it whatever they want to and then help them achieve what they really want to do. If I could, though, here’s what I’ll tell them:

  • On Digital Marketing Certifications and Food

    I recently got my Google Analytics Individual Qualification. Yey, right? Two years ago, I got my Google Ads Search certification (now expired). Three years ago, I got my Hubspot Inbound Marketing and Hubspot Inbound certifications (both also now expired). I’ve always wanted to get the Google Analytics certification because this, along with the Google Ads Search and Hubspot Inbound ones, are considered some of the most reputable certifications for digital marketers to get. And mind you, they weren’t easy to get (at least for me).